IrRADIARE provides solutions – business, management, technology and innovation – that make our communities of smart energy users to realise their dream of a new and sustainable world!

Untiringly, IrRADIARE is making cities and communities to be closer of innovative solutions, change drivers and emerging paradigms. Several facts and figures. In one year IrRADIARE’s methodologies added more 90 PV distributed power generation plans; 1900 housing apartments fitted with solar comfort; more than 120000 invoices of open market power supply handled; more than 10000 buildings on its intelligent management platform; and more than 40000 street lights registered. And more than 400M€ of investment to be mobilized under Sustainable Energy Planning and Monitoring implementation.

Endlessly, IrRADIARE opens room for innovation. More market players. Better open solutions, Transparent protocols. Efficient investment. Be one of our smart energy users!